Sunday, March 2, 2008


So we're two days into the month and I've already spent more than I did in the first three weeks of February. The damage:

Safeway (Sat): 19.98
Albertsons: 45.32
Safeway (Sun): 18.88

Total: 88.18

Crazy as that may seem I'm pretty happy with things. Gameboy has enough cereal to last the next three months and I got two weeks worth of frozen lunches (both at Albertson's). I also got items to help with the coming weeks of crazy travel in our household.

Something else I love doing is looking at the savings at the bottom of the receipts. On Saturday I send Gameboy on a Safeway run to get things for a picnic* where he saved 7.54. On the other two trips I saved 47 and 17.16. I wouldn't pay full price for a lot of what I bought, but those numbers still excite me.

What keeps me from having a heart attack is that other than produce I probably won't go to the grocery store until the end of the month. I have just over 60 dollars left in this months grocery budget so I shouldn't run into any problems.

*Can you explain how Sat can be mid 70's followed by a snowy 32 on Sunday?

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