Saturday, May 3, 2008

Carnivals and Links, The Inaugural Sick Edition

This week has been a little crazy. After spending two days on the couch I gave in and went to the doctor yesterday- twice. Luckily they only charged me once. Though the meds they put me on have me all over the place, I'm still more productive than I was earlier in the week.

Me on the web:
This week my article about repurposing junk mail envelopes made it into the 122nd edition of the Festival of Frugality - The Supercapitalism Edition! It's a great place to get wide range of frugal ideas.

A few weeks ago Madison at My Dollar Plan compiled a list of way's to save money based on reader comments. I made number 11.

April posts I liked elsewhere:
In general extra income is a good thing. Single Guy Money points out an instance where that is not the case.

Over at Get Rich Slowly another use for the piles of mail you get, this time for the garden. I don't have anywhere to mulch at the moment, but once we buy a house I'll be giving this a shot.

Lynnae asked readers what they make from scratch. The comment link to lots of recipes that sound great.

And for May:
I'm excited to see what a few mom bloggers come up with for 3 Mom's, 3 Kitchens, 31 Days. Their budgets put our monthly grocery budget to shame. Learn more with the kickoff post.

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Joy said...

Thanks for the link love for 3 Moms. I'm one of the 3, and I've been enjoying our little adventure this month. I hope you get something out of our all our posts this month!

Joy @ Five J's