Wednesday, May 28, 2008


On Monday I woke up convinced it was the 31st. I was ready to do my month end totals, plan for next month, and otherwise get my life in order. Then I realized it was the 26th. Since then the week has gotten better. I have a monthly test for work that I did really well on, have applied for some contract work, cooked one of our favorite meals, and otherwise been going.

Today I was really excited to get paid to recycle some cans. Unfortunatley it didn't work out. There's a place that pays for cans and scrap metal on the northern edge of the city. I've been ready to go for a while, but wanted to pair the trip with something else to conserve on gas. Work took me an hour north today so I loaded up my cans and my neighbors cans (one of the beauties of a shared garage is it's easy (with permission) to do things like this) and headed out. After a misturn I found the location, only to see a sign reading "Closed 4 2day." I was bummed, but next month I have a lot of sights to the north so I'll give it another try.

I hope your holiday weekends were wonderful! And though I missed the day, thanks to all of those who serve our country.

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Rachel said...

You are so lucky that you can get money for recycling cans - I would be collecting them from my whole neighbourhood if we could get that!