Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Grocery Adventures

Yesterday Gameboy started cooking something, only to realize we'd run out of one of the spices he NEEDED* so I made a quick Target run. While I was there I checked on a few other things we needed to see how they were priced. I was in a rush and very excited to see the cheese that he wanted was on sale for $.99, usually 3.49. So of course I grabbed 4.

Walking to checkout I had 10 items in my cart, the most expensive of which was 99 cents. At the beginning of the transaction I slid my card in and signed, trying to speed things along. While the guy rang me up I helped bag (I offer when I bring my own) so I wasn't paying attention to the display. If you've been reading this blog for a while you probably see where this is going. The guy said 23 something, and mistook me looking up in confusion as ok to hit the button processing everything.

A few minutes at customer service got everything worked out. I had grabbed the wrong size cheese in my rush, though in my defense I grabbed directly behind the sign. My mom, who is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, swears that the grocery stores do this on purpose. Her logic is in putting the wrong item behind the sale price people will grab the wrong thing and someone who doesn't pay close attention to their receipts won't notice that they paid significantly more for the item. I don't know that I totally agree with her logic, but sometimes they make you work for the sale items.

*If it were me I would have just improvised.

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