Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baking Soda Love

It's been a while since I've talked about how amazing baking soda is. Today I have two of my kitchen favorite- in the dishwasher and cleaning veggies.

Those dual action tabs that you can buy are nice, but usually expensive. I got some powdered detergent through freecycle and on its own it wasn't that good. Dishes were spotty, sometimes with food stuck on. I decided to add a little baking soda to the pre-wash cup and the results have been amazing. Everything comes out super clean for just a few cents a load.

Cleaning fruits and vegetables has always been one of those things I hate to do. When I use soap it's hard to get all of it off but water doesn't usually seem like enough. Now, for things like apples, pears, zucchini, and cucumber I use a dash of wet baking soda. I wet the item, put a dash of baking soda in my hand and rub away. The gentle abrasiveness of baking soda strips away the dirt and wax, making me a happy girl.

Baking soda uses- drain cleaner and making baking powder.


L@SpillingBuckets said...

Ooo.. I like the idea of baking soda with fruits. I always struggle to get the wax and nasties off. I'll try that next time!

Mom2fur said...

Great ideas! I know you can put vinegar in the rinse cup of the dishwasher, but never thought of putting baking soda in the prewash cup. (I usually leave it empty). Definitely gonna try it next time!

Jeni said...

Baking soda is also great for laundry that needs a boost of freshening - gym clothes, camping clothes, cloth diapers, you name it!

Erin K. said...

Great ideas!

Dawn said...

I love the idea of using it to help clean fruits and vegetables. Thanks for the tip.