Thursday, June 19, 2008

Carnival of Snowflaking #9

It's June, a few days from the official start of summer, and in my world the snowflakes are smaller and farther apart than they have been in recent months. I may not be the only one feeling that way because submissions to the carnival this week were light. In fact we're just highlighting one blogger, Amy from My Daily Dollars who is looking forward to One Grand Snowflake

In my world surveys and saving money provide the base to my snowflakes. They steadily come in time after time. The snowflakes I love the most though are the contracting snowflakes. These snowflakes require a bit more thought but usually provide a much larger reward. On the downside they are also hard to come by. Word of mouth is my greatest ally so I do my best work and make sure that all of my professional (and sometimes personal) contacts are aware of the work I can do.

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Amy said...

Aww, what a shame we didn't get more posts. Thanks for including mine!