Thursday, June 12, 2008

Money Making- Surveys

A while back I wrote about making extra money through Pinecone surveys. They are my absolute favorite because they pay a set amount after each survey. My second favorite is MySurvey. The basic info:

  • Most surveys last 1-8 minutes and give 10 points.
  • Based on answers for base surveys you get slightly longer surveys worth more points.
  • One account per household, but Gameboy and I each get surveys.
I never write about ways to make money until I've actually earned the money. Last week I cashed out my points and a check is headed my way. In the beginning (maybe Feb) the surveys were few and far between. I've found that the more surveys I do the more invites I get.

Another thing I love is surveys are usually available for a while. Other survey companies have surveys that are continually closed after the first day. I've never had that issue with MySurvey and I only check the email account 2-3 times a month.

If you have any questions I'm happy to answer them!

Other ways I earn extra income:
Pinecone Surveys
Mystery Shopping
Lending Club (not currently accepting new lenders)


honeymoney said...

I also made online surveys for different USA companies a few months ago. I haven't received a penny for around 50 surveys that have been made properly. I had no patience to wait any longer and gave it up. What was wrong I wonder?

sara l said...

One key is to understand how to accumulate points/cash with each company. The more companies you work with the more surveys until you can cash out.

Before I sign up anywhere I look at the reward for each survey and how many rewards are necessary to cash out. Then I weight the effort and reward and decide if it's worth it for me.