Friday, June 6, 2008

New College Grad Advice

Dear Recent College Grads,

Some of you undoubtedly have jobs by now. If you studied something that leads to a specific profession (engineering, accounting, etc) the chances that you have a job are even higher. This post is for everyone else.

The excitement of graduation and completing years of hard work can be marred by an unsatisfying/ unsuccessful job search. My tips to help you along the way:

* If you haven't actually moved/ put down deposits to live in your 'dream' city expand the net you're casting.

* Proofread, proofread, proofread. If after 4 years of papers you're not sure why that's important check out Not Hired.

* Know what you want and tell everyone. It's often easier to get jobs (or at least an interview) through connections. Let people know what field or kind of job would like to have.

My final tip requires a bit more space. If you're not living at home it's highly likely that every day you are incurring expenses. In six (or maybe five) months it will be time to start repaying student loans. How do you bridge the gap? Many recommend getting an internship in your field, but finding a paid internship may be harder than finding an actual job.

I recommend temping. The types of temp agencies abound. Legal, administrative, and entertainment a just a few that come to mind. This type of work give you the ability to earn an income while looking for the right job. It's easier to make a decision about whether a job is the right fit when you're not worried about how to pay next months bills.

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