Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Packed Freezer and Free Milk

I've done two freezer rearranges in the past 24 hours, and there will be another one in a few hours. Yesterday we went to Albertson's to take advantage of their 3/$5 cereal and free milk deal*. Our favorite cereals were included so I was ready to stock up. The free gallon of milk made the offer even more attractive. Last night they were out of Gameboy's cereal so we just grabbed three of mine. They were not giving rain checks but promised to be restocked this morning.

On the same trip Gameboy got a bit carried away with the meat they had on sale for $1/lb. He cooked a bit last night but I'd guess there are approx 25 pounds of meat in the freezer.

I returned to Albertson's to find that the truck had not shown up. They let me substitute another brand and gave me a few rain checks. I also took advantage of King Sooper's 3/$5 deal on shredded cheese.** Since I've had good results freezing cheese I bought 9 bags.

Needless to say the freezer, with all of the regular stuff that lives in there, is full. I still have to figure out how to get 2 gallons worth of milk into the freezer. Gameboy drinks a lactose free milk with cereal and I use soy. Regular milk goes into baking and casseroles. I don't see myself having time for a cooking marathon this week so it's all headed to the freezer.

*When buying 3 participating cereals you get a free gallon of milk. The sale ends today, 6/3.

**This one also expires today. The Kroger brand cheese is 3/$5, some blocks of cheese too.


Rebecca said...

This may be a disaster--but could you pour the milk into freezer bags, lay them on cookie sheets, and then put them in the freezer? They'd take up very little room that way.

You could try making yogurt or cheese . . . a gallon of milk shrinks down to a very small amount of cheese.

Ooh, or you could evaporate some of it. You simmer it for a long time until it reduces, then use it in recipes requiring evaporated milk.

OR . . . when does the milk expire? I could probably go through that amount of milk before it expired if I did a lot of cooking!

Wow, I got a little carried away with my first comment on your site. Thanks for visiting the Green Baby Guide!

sara l said...

@ rebecca- i love long comments. I'm thinking I'm going to use some freezer baggies and/or smaller tupperware.

making yogurt is equally appealing and intimidating. but something i'll be researching