Wednesday, June 4, 2008

May Updates/June Goals

In mid May we changed how we manage our finances. This has had a significant effect on my usual month end numbers. Most of our bills come in during the 3rd and 15th. So with the at the end of the month I would have the surplus to distribute to the savings accounts. We started this new system mid May and won't be making allocations until the end of June. It will be interesting because in addition to changing how we do things May and June have: the balance of medical bills we've been working with our insurance to take care of (they didn't), our 6 month car insurance renewal, purchase of wedding dress/rings, new wheels and two rims on Gameboy's car because somehow he damaged them.

Another issue presenting itself is figuring out how to look what is 'mine.' So far the numbers on the progress bar and in my net worth only come from my salary/my accounts. For our household combining things is more equitable and it will (after the next 2-3 months) be much better for our accounts. I just don't know how to account for my net worth when a large portion of our money is in a joint account.*

Here are the numbers.


Eating Out $40
Snowflakes $500
Roth IRA


Eating Out $60
Snowflakes $400
Roth IRA

*Any suggestions are welcome.

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